Full Length Research Paper HOTEL SECTOR INVESTMENT IN ETHIOPIA Catching the chance of the thesis research, we decided to choose Can Gio biosphere reserve to study deeply about its ecotourism services and impacts. Our chosen topic is focusing on the environmental impacts of mass tourism in label of ecotourism in Can Gio. The topic arose

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Ethiopia, Addis Ababa: Forum for Social Science (FSS). E. Some prepared modules and teaching materials for postgraduate and undergraduate courses such as regional development planning, Economic geography, Transport and development, Tourism and development, cultural and social geogrphy, Environment and development with introduction to climate. Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. 1.2 The Ethiopia Cultural Heritage Project While evidence of Ethiopia’s culture and history is found in its ancient monuments, cities, and prehistoric sites, its living cultures are reflected in the work of architects, musicians, writers, artisans and crafts people. Strong traditions have long contributed to Ethiopia’s

I declare that the Challenges and Prospects of Small Enterprise in Ethiopia: Astudy of the Entrepreneurs in Tigray Region is my own work and that all the sources that I have used or quoted have been indicated and acknowledged by means of complete references. 16 October 2015 •Ethiopia: area of 1.12 million square Kilometers (slightly less than twice the size of Texas), is located at 4 and 14 degree north, 33 and 48 degrees east. Situated in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is bordered by Eritrea to the north, Sudan to the west, Kenya to the south, Somalia to the east and Djibouti to the northeast. Landlocked Tourism is one of the key industries driving the current change and tourism could be a transformative tool within this takeoff. From a small base of just 6.7 million visitors in 1990, SSA attracted 33.8 millions visitors in 2012. Receipts from tourism in 2012 amounted to over US$36 billion and directly contributed 2.8.% to Ethiopia is also a Vavilov center of diversity for domesticated crops, including enset, coffee and teff. Exports are almost entirely agricultural commodities (with the exception of Gold exports), and coffee is the largest foreign exchange earner. Ethiopia is Africa's second biggest maize producer.

Antique drop front secretary desk valueMaven c1 12x50water resource management in Ethiopia using the political ecology framework focusing on issues of equity with regard to access to safe and clean water in the poor areas of the city of Addis Ababa. The key objectives of this study are: to evaluate existing water resource Because it is believed that tourism has the power and capacity to assist in the on-going effort to eliminate poverty and accelerate development sustainably, provided Ethiopia’s attractions are appropriately developed and put into service, tourism has been included as one of the means of By making a brief historical survey about development of tourism industry in the Lake Tana region, this paper investigates the region’s tourist potential and contribution for economic development.

and image branding in the tourism industry. The research methodology applied in this thesis was qualitative research; Semi-structured interview was conducted with three tourism experts and two foreign tourists in order to get adequate and balanced information. According to the findings Ethiopia's tourism industry

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Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Culture andourismT of Federal Government of Ethiopia, hotel or eco-loge workers and persons from 12cultural handicraft association were interviewed by purposive sampling. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze responses to the questionnaires. Paper ID: SUB14256 793 Bioinformatics dotplotsLok sewa aayog jaleshwor phone number
Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism in Axum Town, Tigray Regional State, Ethiopia Gebreanenya Gebru Kidane, Meaza Hadush Berhe Aksum University, Ethiopia This research paper tries to assess the multi-dimensional impacts of tourism in Axum which increases from time to